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How we help

To achieve its social goals in the field of mental health and maximum inclusion in society, we promote and develop programs in the areas of care, training, teaching, awareness and health promotion.

Become a Grassroots Member

Forming part of the partners of the entity and
participating in its decision-making bodies,
What are the Assembly of Members and the Board of Directors?

Become a collaborating partner

These contributions are used to promote community projects, awareness, cohesion and social participation.

Your contribution helps improve the quality of life
of people with mental health problems

Collaborate as a volunteer

  • In activities and projects, direct contact
    with the people served (Urban Garden, Expression and Creativity, plastic, literary,
    music, dance, theater sport, competitions
    technological, social, … in the resources of
    housing with support, accompanying and helping
    residents who need it).
  • In the logistic, administrative, management support,
    diffusion, … that social projects require
    and awareness.
  • Offering their professional skills,
    providing information and advice to
    people who need it.

Collaborate and cooperate as a company or entity

Participating in the projects and challenges of the Association: continuity of projects research in community intervention in health mental, improvement of digital skills internal, its users and associates, organization of forums, conferences, conferences, spaces for training, creation and start-up of new services and programs, … to be able to attend to the needs of people with mental health problems and their families.


If you are a mental health professional, a researcher or the institution you represent, you can have synergies with ARAPDIS:
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What our donors get

At the beginning of the year we communicate to the Treasury all the donations received during the previous year. In addition, coinciding with the Income campaign, we send all collaborators a Tax Certificate that accredits their contribution. With this information, you can deduct your donation to the Arapdis Association.