Arapdis family,

We end the Ping-Pong activity season with a final tournament from which the two winners and the two finalists emerge.

They all really wanted to win, but only four have been the ones who have taken the trophies. Although, some have had a lot of work in retrieving plays, since the whole team of users always put their whole soul into playing and having fun.

In September we start the new season and we will continue to offer this sport as an activity at the SRC for all the good times and values it conveys.

As you already know at the Community Rehabilitation Service (SRC), we offer sports as weekly activities, since thanks to them we also indirectly develop many factors, such as: attention, concentration, memory, etc.

Sports, apart from helping us lead a healthier life, help us to ward off negative emotions, improve our mood…

By doing sport we work on the balance between mind and body. And this helps us generate greater well-being that improves performance and productivity.

That’s why from the SRC. we recommend you to do some activity, in order to improve our well-being.

And if you want to participate in the next tournament, follow us on our social networks and don’t miss a detail!