Today we visited the National Museum of Art of Catalonia or better known as MNAC.

This outing has been designed for our users, as artistic activities stimulate serotonin and help concentration, thus reducing stress and negative thoughts.




Well, we met at 9:30 in the morning at the Fontana subway, and together we started the journey to Plaça Espanya.

There was some sleepy face, but when we arrived, all the eyes were like saucers. And, the fact is that our users really like art and even more so when the museum itself prepares a self-portrait activity for them.

As you already know in our Community Rehabilitation Service Center (SRC) in Gracia, we carry out Espai Creatiu and Artterapia activities every week. And every time we discover a new way to make our imagination come true.

And it is that our users are great artists, who experiment with the different resources that we can find in our workshop.