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Goals for sustainable development

In 2015 United Nations Member States approved 17 goals as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. These Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which should be achieved in 15 years, represent a universal call to action by governments, institutions, and societies: Poverty must end; there must be an environment of peace and partnership; the planet has to be protected; and the prospects of people around the globe must be improved.

The 2030 Agenda implies a common and universal commitment. For this reason, ARAPDIS assumes responsibility and commitment to this initiative to add and achieve some of these objectives.

The ARAPDIS association has a strategic plan, philosophy, work methodology, missions, vision, and values which are aligned with the SDGs: 34581011121617.

What follows are a number of programmes and projects in which the SDGs are applied:

Orientation and support programmes for families and/or loved ones of those in need. 34510

Other support programmes for families:

  • Gracia and the TV3 Marathon 3481017
  • Build your future 3481017

Awareness and rehabilitation programmes: 3451017

  • Workshop “We do health”
  • Workshop “Fit”
  • Workshop “Biodance”
  • Programme “Healthy habits and healthy life”
  • Activity “Mutual help group”
  • Activity “Support group”

A variety of mental health projects developed around prevention, awareness, and emotional well-being undertaken in collaboration with educational centres. 3451017

  • With talks on mental health and/or addictions, among other topics.
  • With volunteer projects carried out in collaboration with the Practical Rehabilitation Activities Programme run by the Community Rehabilitation Service.

Project “Nature is Culture 2019”. 341011121517

Conference “Let’s Talk Openly about Mental Health” on different topics. 345101217

  • “Let’s Talk Openly about Mental Health” (2016-2017)
  • “Let’s Talk Openly about Mental Health and Music” (2018)
  • “Let’s Talk Openly about Mental Health and Gender” (2018)
  • I and II Conference “Let’s Talk Openly: Approaches and Ways of Understanding Mental Health” (2019)
  • III Conference “Let’s Talk Openly: Mental Health in the Time of Covid” (2020)
  • IV “Let’s Talk Openly about Mental Health and the Consequences of the Pandemic” (2021)

Projects in the district of Gracia undertaken with neighbourhood organisations. 345810121617

  • Collaboration with Gracia’s Annual Festival, alongside the Plaça del Nord neighbourhood association.
  • Project “Urban Garden”, in collaboration with JIWAR Creations, the La Violeta Civic Centre, The Garden of las Hadas, and the District of Gracia.
  • Biodance workshop at the SRC facilities, in collaboration with the Cuida la Vida Association.
  • Show “Origins” created with music therapy spaces of the SRC Gracia and the ArtemisaBcn Artistic Multispace School.
  • The International Day of People with Disabilities, in collaboration with other neighbourhood entities and the District of Gracia.
  • Member of the Council of Health of the District of Gracia and of the Board of Mental Health.
  • Member of the Accessibility Council of the District of Gracia.

Sports projects. 341017

  • Tennis Workshop in collaboration with the La Salut Tennis Club.
  • Yoga Workshop in collaboration with the Happy Yoga School.

Training activities. 4581017

  • Social guarantee training programmes aimed at young people in collaboration with the INCYDE i FSE Foundation.
  • Specialized internship programmes in psychosocial and community mental health rehabilitation for psychology students at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Project developed alongside ​the Pere Tarrés Foundation and the ESMUC, among others.

Training programmes “Education and Development. Build your Future” undertaken together with the INCYDE Foundation within the Operational Programme for Youth Employment (POEJ) 2014-2020. 345810121617

Participation in the promotion of scholarships within the framework of the Incyde School Barcelona 2020 Forum: Entrepreneurship in Disability in collaboration with the Incyde Foundation of the Spanish Chambers of Commerce, the Barcelona Free Zone Consortium, and Dincat. 345810121617

Development of a collaboration protocol to promote socio-labour integration together with the Incyde Foundation of the Spanish Chambers of Commerce, the Barcelona Free Zone Consortium, and Dincat. 345810121617