And with it we change the activities, the outings and our day by day.

We start the first week of the summer program on Monday, July 3 with a talk at the SRC Gracia about Early Decision Planning and we will finish on Friday, August 18 with the trip to Torre Agbar.

We also get to enjoy the good weather and that’s why we do outdoor activities such as ping-pong and the urban garden.

We need to rest and gain strength to return to our daily routine during the holidays..


  • All activities are free for you (they are subsidized by the service).
  • Be responsible if you commit to an activity. Your place has been reserved (and sometimes paid for).
  • When thed proposal is an exit, you must bring the pink card for public transport (or pay the ticket).
  • If you want to drink some coffee, remember to bring money. Bring a canteen of water to hydrate yourself. 
  • We will wait  10 minutes at the meeting point, and the we will leave (if you come late, we will not wait for you). 
  • Above all, bring a positive attitude. The summer program is designed to nurture, learn and enjoy. 
Happy Holidays!