Our users have spent many years maintaining the urban garden located on Calle Jaén in Barcelona, and collecting the results of a good job that lasts all year.

And, it is that this activity that we offer from the Community Rehabilitation Service (SRC) of Gracia, turns out to be a therapeutic activity for everyone, both physically and psychologically. And that is why, every week we get to it. In addition, activities associated with gardening have been shown to reduce blood pressure, stress, muscle tension, etc. Aspects such as focused and sustained attention and relational training are also trained.


Once we put on our boots, grab our utensils and tools, let’s get to work.


Either individually or as a group, we dedicate ourselves to keeping our urban garden in good condition. Each weekly session is aimed at carrying out maintenance tasks such as watering, picking weeds, moving the soil, etc. And so get a good harvest.

All of this begins at the beginning of the year, when we prepare the land to sow the seasonal vegetables, after a prior selection by our group.

Keep in mind that plants need the right amount of water, light, nutrients and space to grow strong.

Just like our plants, human beings require a series of cares and that is why the garden is a good space to carry out environmental care while we take care of ourselves.

The passing of the months and with the help of the efforts of our users means that the harvest is approaching with good expectations.

Thus, when the vegetables are ripe and can be picked, the harvest is done and everything starts again. In fact, the first step that must be taken is to choose which plants we want to plant there and select, in the same way the material we will use and finally how we will distribute the harvests.

Yesterday, Thursday 13 July, we celebrated the end of the 22/23 season of this project that the SRC created many years ago together with Mireia, director of JIWAR Creation and Society and owner of the urban garden, and with the collaboration of the District of Gracia.

And we did it in the most appetizing way possible, preparing a lunch together.

We enjoyed the good company of our users, who are already looking forward to returning in September to start anew.